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Modular homes have several advantages over the traditional stick-built home and are therefore aptly called ?the hybrid car of the house-building industry.? They are gradually becoming the most preferred choice in the industry of residential construction while moving out of the shadow of their stereotypical box-like structure minus any customization.

Although these homes are put together in the factory, one needs to take care while organizing them. It needs to be made sure that they not only live up to all quality measures but also for highest possible efficiency. The money saved in this manner proves a blessing in disguise for the consumer who is then able to buy the home at a lesser price.

If one is to compare modular homes with the conventional stick-built ones, one will discover that the former has a faster turnaround time. As a result, they can be constructed in less than half the time taken in construction of conventional homes. Modular homes are better than traditional stick-built homes even in terms of price as they cost less.

The builder of a modular home does not encounter as many problems as those faced by a stick-builder. Unlike a stick builder, a builder of modular homes does not have to bear the brunt of contractor work issues, weather-related shocks or delays arising at the end of suppliers. As more than 80% of the production is done in factory environments, all he has to do is to bring the pieces to the home site and then put them together. These are some of the major factors that give modular homes an edge over traditional homes. However, it is the superior quality of modular homes which is their biggest asset and allows them to leave stick-built homes far behind in the race.

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There is a presumption prevalent among many home consumers that the materials used in the constitution of modular homes are of average quality. Furthermore, they believe that no heed is paid to building energy efficient green homes in modular homes. Both these presumptions are wrong as precision jigs are used while assembling modular homes. That too in a climate controlled facility where it is possible to make sure that materials are safeguarded against the elements of weather. Additionally, kiln dried lumber of the highest quality is used for building these energy efficient homes.

The extended warranty coverage accompanying modular homes is also another reason why they are preferred over stick-built homes.

The love for custom stick-built homes that could be seen once upon a time has now lost its vigor. Freeport Industries can boast of building only top-grade modular homes in Western Canada. It can build one the home that one always hoped to have. Moreover, the homes provided by Freeport Industries are customizable to the hilt and built under rigorous quality control systems by a skilled and closely watched over workforce. Get in touch with Freeport Industries to know more about the benefits of choosing a modular home and announce the existence of a ?home sweet home? to the world.

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